Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Amazing flying items were made of 10 non member's farts then released in a igloo then rarely makes random flying items, If you see someone with a flying item then call 923-345-828-912-124-535-634-190-914-014-000-000-000-123-456-789-057-353-piz-zar-iah-872-pik-achu, They will give you

  • Rocket boots
  • Flying car of the future, Today!
  • Clone of Candace

If you are the 10000th call they will give you a dino from the prehistoric and ripple the fabric of time! If you are lucky enough, The sun will disappear! (0.2% Chance) Or, Dinos will live on earth again! (49.98% chance) OR! It will rain cats and dogs (the animals) for 1234567890 miliseconds! (Be sure to pick the cats and dogs wisely! 50% chance)