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April Fools Party 2013 is a prank played by the Club Penguin moderators. In March 2013, they made lots of trailers ,promos, sneak peaks, and YouTube videos about this party, and almost everybody who plays Club Penguin got exited about the party, even the penguins those who quit.

The Party

On April 1st, when lots of penguins logged in, the Club Penguin server crashed, and their domain expired. To cover this up, they wrote that the party was postponded to April 4th, 2013. On April 4, again lots of penguin logged in, but the server did not crash, but they penguins found themselves cheated by the Club Penguin Moderators.

People's Reaction

In anger, people then protested outside the Club Penguin Office in Canada, but Spike Hike was drinking Gross soda with baked Dogs along with other moderators. When Spike Hike ran away from his office once he took a 4 month holiday to sleep at his home, the people threw tomatoes and eggs at his face. He said that "Yuck! I rotten tomatoes!" and more tomatoes were thrown at him. Spike Hike fainted and fell into a bed of spikes and thorns, and he got the name "Spike Hike".

Later, he said it was just a prank on his Twitter account, Twitter Inc. banned his account saying it was fake, and his internet connection was cut off. He lost all his property, and his roaming around somewhere in the South Pole.