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Aunt Arctic is a sheep who farts 3,444,5678 times a day. She is not really the director of the EPF. She is Herbert's servant and drinks from the toilet.


Eating poop from un-flushed toilets, licking puffles clean, cleaning up Herbert's messes.


  • 1998 -Aunt Arctic escapes from the Boy Who Cried Wolf and farts'
  • 2001 -Aunt Arctic realizes that Herbert is her uncle.
  • 2004 -Aunt Arctic finds out she's a human in a penguin suit.
  • 2010 -Aunt Arctic farts' with so much momentum that she zips up and lands in Club Penguin.
  • 2012 -Aunt Arctic tries to start a newspaper and fails.
  • 2013 -Aunt Arctic starts living in a dressing stall in the Clothes Shop.
  • 2014- Aunt Arctic gets eaten by Herbert's pet T-rex called Bill.