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Puffle negro fdp
Black Puffle (Also known as videogamedunkey) Is a puffle in Club Pickle. It is often seen mugging penguins for their supreme and crap.

Black Puffle slang

  • "Bait" (obvious/well known)
  • "Bare" (Generic intensifier)
  • "Batty" (homosexual)
  • "Bookey" (appalling in nature)
  • "Buff" (attractive)
    • "Buffting" (attractive person)
  • "Butters" (ugly)
  • "Clapped" (ugly/nasty)
  • "Dead" (insignificant)
  • "Dry" (dull or boring)
  • "Gassed" (to be overwhelmed of yourself (connection to the word "gas" because it means you are full of gas) or overwhelmed because of something else)
  • "Grimey" (related or similar to Grime (music genre) (not to be confused with "grimy", referring to "grime" (dirt)))
  • "Peak" (Serious/unfortunate)
  • "Peng" (attractive)
    • "Pengting" (attractive person)
  • "Piff" (attractive)
    • "Piffting" (attractive person)
  • "Popping" (active/popular)
  • "Road" (urban or rough in nature)
  • "Wassy" (bullshit)
  • "Washed" (lame)
  • "Waste" (useless)


Black Puffle

A black puffle robbing sum1 u get me fam

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