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Cece and Rocky are two cacas from Shake it Up. Shake it Up is a dancing show that features no dancing because DUH THERE CACAS! CACAS CANT DANCE. Teh premierd on Disuney Chnanel. Shake it Up later became a DIY Crafty Show. Then a cooking show. Ten It haapppens. Because of Disuney, Shake it up characterss latewr went on Chlub Penguin... They became Club Penguin Mascots dun dun dun....

Club Peeenguin Mascors Of Cece And Rocky


Cece is yellow because her name rymes with PeePee. She never ownned a puffely puffle before.


Rocky is a very hard caca because her name is Rocky duh. I doonn't knoe why shes blue. Maybe er pee pee

I mean cece poored a buckef of water on hwr head making her buh bluh blu blue? I dooon't know why she would do that dat dough. Maybee to soften her out?

Pee... errr... Cece and Rocky today.

As of noow, Peepee and Bocky- Cece and Rocky no longer on teh Club Penguins because errr there shoow got cansiled. The caca who played Cece Bella Thorne, has Moved on to Dannamals ads. And the caca who played Rocky got to be on CP again-as her reeel live actress Zendaya! And lucky for her, She got to star in K.C Undercover and Disuney Chnanal Origenal Movie Zapped! Poor Bella Thorne. Too sharp of a thorn to be on Disuney Channel. She only got to be on Disnuney chanel one last time as a poop villan in KC Ondecuver. No more Disuney cannel for you Bella! THE ENNND