Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Club Penguin is where penguins and turds live. It is also whereGary does the most crimesAlthough, Club Penguin somehow had a history


Club Penguin's History is where Sensei and Rockhopper were only 5 years old. They lived on Fruity-fruit-fruit-smelly-poo-island, But Sensei said "We need a new island, you pooped all over this one" With that said, Rockhopper and smelly poo walked along. They stumbled upon a boat. They fixed it up and set sail. Then, a terrible storm hit. They were stranded on Smelly-poo island, Home of Herbert P. Bear, Esq. But Herbert ran away screaming after Rockhopper farted. Then. They renamed Smelly-poo-island Club Poopoo- ERR, Penguin. Club Penguin. Then, Millions of wittle Poopies joined. They were smelly yellow and they were the babies of the island. They pooped. That was it. Then, Sensei was eating and a Puffle appeared. He ate it.