CreamCream Soda is a fizzy antibiotic drink made by stealing water from the Soda Seas, gettiing imported soda and cream, pooping on it, stealing Herbert's armpit fungi and adding regurgitated sugar.


It has been Rockhopper's favorite drink since childhood, as was actually thrown into a barrel of cream soda when he was 18 days old. He has been addicted to cream soda ever since. In 2004, he thought a barrel of hot sauce was cream soda, and he gulped it down, and he vomited it all over the Iceberg.

Penguins then decided to create their own cream soda, and they combined it with dogs turds to create gross soda. They decided to keep creating both cream soda and gross soda.

New recipe additions Edit

The new recipe additions are the poop water from soda seas, artificial imported soda and cream and poop.


  • Rockhopper not only uses cream soda for drinking, but he uses cream soda for washing and trimming his beard, bathing etc. He even said, "Nothing matters to me if Yarr disappears, but I will cry if I don't find cream soda.".
  • A similar item is created from cream soda, called gross soda.
  • Rockhopper once tried to marry some cream soda with Gary as his flower girl-man.
  • Rockhopper once ordered Rookie to bring 6 gallons of cream soda on a barrel which can only carry 5 litres. Rookie in distress went to steal more barrels, and Herbert actually fell into the cream soda barrel with his smelly, stinky and dirty body. Rookie then delivered the "cream soda" to Rockhopper and Rockhopper became cream soda sick for 5 days.
  • In 2014, a bunch of drunk scientists wondered if a airplane can be powered by cream soda. They tested it on an Aqualantic Flight and the fuel became infected and drinkable and the plane stayedd at the termnal.. The captain drank it and he had a stomch burn for 3 month becaus it was fuel. he died at the age of 45 and the drunk scienttists got arrested by the FBI.
  • 1234567890 barrels of cream soda were thrown at the ghost of the flying Dutchman ship and the ship went too the shore and turned into turd lol long link
  • Izumi Segawa, Miki Hanabishi and Risa Asakaze drank Cream Soda and they experienced an effect which lasts for 3 hours only-They said Hayate Ayasaki's name right (cuz they call him Hayata Ayasaki).
  • Its also called cream sody.
  • I shit my pants
  • Help
  • Mom please pick me up from school I;m covered in shit
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