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DJ Cadence is a couch potato and sexy beast . She is a DJ, which stands for "Disco Jellybean". Her real name is PH. She is confirmed as a pink couch potato with a pink and purple wig with eyes and limbs.she has a puffle named JelLOLz. JelLOLz is named that way because he likes to look at 18+ Internet memes while pooping and eating jellybeans. Cadence drinks coffee mixed with Gross Soda. She wears a black Turd shirt. She likes to spank herself while playing on a Turdtable carried by Fluttershy.

6181141125 is in love with her.


She married Franky and divorced the next day. She eventually married me


during their honeymoon in Tokyo, Franky fell in love with Sakuya Aizawa, Isumi Saginomiya and Chiharu Harukaze. PS they hate him and their underage and they love Hayate Ayasaki. Soon, they went on a JAL flight back to Club Penguin and then they divorced.