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Dinosaurs are giant lizards that used to eat penguins. They appeared at the Prehisteria Party. They love steak. If you feed a dinosaur a steak, it will run away. Strangely, even if the dinosaur is a herbivore, it will still take the steak. This is because their brain shrunk during The Great Depression, and they had no money to increase their brain power and watch Puffle slaves sing the blues.

Dino Puffles

Dinosaur puffles have been discovered. Instead of drinking sody pop, they drink lava. Lava is very tasty. Dino puffles have less fur, so caveguins don't bother getting colorful underpants.


  • Herbert has a pet Tyrannosaurus rex named Bill.
  • Bill was known to eat pufffles and than sing to the underpants gods while he glows colorfulness.
  • Herbivores are stupid.