The island's local most wanted thief, who hides in a cover of the islands only scientist has many failed designs. Only 89 out of 6,000,000 of his designs actually worked, and 89 of his working inventions was fixed by Jet Pack Guy.

Here are some of Gary the Gadget Penguin's failed inventions-

  • Smoothie Maker 1000 - Emits a dark brown smelly juice instead of smoothies.
  • Color Changing Hoodie - Does not change it's colors and makes the wearer fart.
  • Fan 1000 - The blades are so big that it does not give out air and chops nearby things.
  • Fan 2000 - Upgraded version of Fan 1000. In this device, if you start the fan, it will blast.
  • Thingamissile 1000 - Missile will be launched into itself, instead of the target.
  • X-Ray 1000- It makes the penguin who goes nearby to sleep-fart (Fart when sleeping) instead of taking an x-ray scan.
  • Apple Juice 1000- When it is started, the device will blast and the island will be flooded with apple juice.
  • Blasting Device 3000 - A device designed to blow up when it is used.
  • Mango Juice 1000- Gives out salty orange juice instead of mango juice. 
  • Air 9000- A device that is supposed to give oxygen to Club Penguin, But it ended up killing everyone.
  • Helium Balloon 1000 - Does not fly up, but crashes down and makes a hole in the Ski Village and large amounts of helium is released, killing most of the Pookies.
  • PuffleColorChanger9000 - Instead of changing colors of puffles,it turn puffles to either Pookies,Poop,or Snowmen and sing a demented version of "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" 666000 times.
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