First of all, if you want to say Greetings to your friend, and you're in a funny mood, you. You can also say almost anything in the Standard Safe Chat mode. This includes funny stuff that happened to you and you can tell jokes too.

The following below can only be done by Penguins with Type Chat'

Then say "Potuokies are sck"

Then "s"

Another sentence you can say

Say "eats say "stuck in the poo"

Then say "poop pookieroom"

Then say "pops rooom"


Say "popoopop is delicious"

Or "cheesy "

OR "poop buddies"

Or"but (butt)hrows poo buddies"

OR "eats poop"

Or if you want to you can dress as a pookie and say "tp"

Or dress as a prep and say "eats poop"

Or "eats the world"

These can only be typed one at a time or they might not go through the filter

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