GARY is a snail. His dream is to be the faster than ROCKHOPPER. Taco brother Bob Esponja owns him.

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The truth about GARY! Edit

GARY is actually a penguin. He joined on Apr 1 2008. He often eats Fish Pizza with extra cheese and anchovies. He reported ROOKIE because ROOKIE told him to because he's an idiot. His full name is GARY THE GADGET GUY.

Blue Penguin 1
GARY THE GADGET GUY is wearing a lab coat!
Vital statistics
Position EPF Agent
Age 8 years
Status Alive as of Apr 1 2008, banned as of Jan 1 2010, Jan 2 2012, and Jan 3 2014, revived as of Jan 1 2011, Jan 2 2013, and Jan 3 2015
Physical attributes
Height 1yd 0ft 5in, 1m 0dm 4cm 1mm 400μm
Weight 35kg, 3qrt 2lb 2oz 9.4208dr
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