Gary the Gadget Penguin

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Not to be confused with Gary.

Gary the Gadget Penguin (also known as Gadget Gary) is the island's notorious criminal who lives in the cover of a mad inventor. He is known for having Puffles as slaves, even though Puffle Slavery is officially banned.


Early Life

He was born to two snowmens somewhere in Antarctica. He then moved out of Antarctica and arrived in Club Penguin Island when he was 8 days old. Till the age of 70, his height never exceeded 12 cm. He was so afraid of crabs, that he stole all the Crab Feed in the island and gave crabs Puffle O's instead. The Crabs instantly began to act like puffles seeing pie for the first time.


When he was 76, he created Chocoie, a mixture of Chocolate Cake with Apple Pie. The food was a great success, that it was the penguins favorite food for ...8 millions years (we did not get the exact period of time due to Gary changing the dates in the calendar). However, Jet Pack Guy was jealous because more people were eating Chocoie than his Petroleum Cake. So, he then disguised himself as a forensic inspector and gave reports that Chocoie had large amouts of Pookie blood, crab liver juice, and bits of rusted iron shark teeths. So, the sales of Chocoie was really down. Then, a real group of inspectors later found out that it had all the things which Jet Pack Guy said, except iron shark teeths. They also said that the food had "Pookie Dry Flakes", which was dried bits of pookie skin with pookie eyes removed, chopped, bleached and mixed with chloroform.

Soon, the penguins smashed up his lab, and then threw him into an helium powered ball0on (if helium is added, the ballon never comes down. It keeps going up) The penguins were so glad when he went up, but however the next morning, they found him building something in his lab. They he laughed and said that he replaced the helium containers with F2T, (Fart Gas). The penguins then beat him up, and that gave Gary a new idea of creating inventions which fail.


  • Gary is actually Garianna in a wig and dress.
  • he is called gadget guy instead of gadget penguin

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