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Looks like a bad oc from deviantart. Like, '''''god damn,''''' she's fucking <u>'''''hideous.'''''</u>
looks like a bad oc from deviantart like god damn shes fucking hideous
I'm totally gonna look that up. <- Me too.
im totally gonna look that up
There's nothing on it OMG <- I saw a blank screen. All white... I'm scared now ;w;
theres nothing on it omg
The sheep in the magazine next to Grumpenzel looks hotter than she does.
[[File:Puffle negro fdp.png|thumb|220x220px|A puffle that Herbert the pervert tried to mutate to create a monster.]]
Some ''dumbass ''named '''Herbert the pervert'''[]'' '' created this monstrosity. The story goes like this:
some dumbass created this monstrosity
''He wanted to create ugly looking evil grey monsters, so he stole two puffles from PH and then zapped them with a ray which he built up from broken parts from his previous inventions and parts stolen from Gary the Gadget Penguin. But, to his horror, the puffles turned into a freak, the original version of Grumpenzel. He got scared and ran out crying, like a fat cry baby/''[[Category:Creatures]]
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