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Grumpenzel is an evil smelly three legged witch living in a small cave near the northern coastline of the island. She is often laughed for here large black and smelly hair, which measures upto a distance of 600072 km. She was originally a bald green-skinned witch, but she turned invisible and watched the play Fairy Fables in the Stage. She liked the role of Grumpunzel and she thought she could transform into that character to attract more penguins so they could admire here, but it turned out that her hair will grow 1 kilometer every day, she would get wrinkles and the spell was permanent.



An evil polar bear stole 2 Puffles and wanted to change them into horrible looking monsters so penguins could get scared. He made his lair on a small cave on the west of the Dojo Courtyard. When he blasted his Horrible Puffle Maker on the puffles, POOF!, the puffles did not turn ugly, but they turned into a female penguin with no hair. The polar bear got scared and ran away with his trusty little overweight crab friend to the toilet in his Mountain top Base.

The "horrible penguin" then walked into the town, and everyone went away from her. She was depressed, so she went to a cave and named herself "Bald Ugly Pengy".


She then stole a bookshelf from the Polar Bear's camp and began to read one of the book, even thought it was not trained to read. It took the first book, titled Gary's Simple Potions, simplified version of Garianna's. She saw a video cassette. So she stole a cassette player and a television from Gary the Gadget Penguin and Cream Soda from Rockhopper and began to watch the show.

Soon, after watching it over a million times, it farted, but still could not read. Soon, after 20 years, it finnaly understood how to read. Then it started creating Magic Potions. It then created the Invisiblity Potion to hide stinky green body, horrible ugly yellowish hair comming out from her body and her third leg. She then went to the stage and saw the play Fairy Fables. She wanted to be the pretty princess, Grumpunzel from the play.


How she looked like after she drank the potion and went out

She changed her name to "Grumpenzel"(spoofing Grumpunzel from the play) and went to her cave and created the "Make me look beautiful Potion". She then drank it. Her hair grew so long that it touched the ground. She was delighted that she had hair. After a few years, she tied up a knot and went outside. When made contact with sunlight, her body changed color, and she turned into a beautiful penguin with two feet. She then went to the town, and lots of Penguins followed her. But a Pookie threw a snowball because that stupid thing was jealous about her. Then, there was trouble. She retained her original stinky body, but with a stronger odor. Her hair grew black and longer, her nose extended 500 meters and hairs started growing from there. There eyeballs came out and her teeth got holes and cracks in it, and she grew fat (fatter than the evil polar bear) Everyone mocked here, and laughed and went away. She ran away to her cave and decided never to come out, and drank the Fart Potion, and farted every 24 seconds.