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This is quite inappropriate and ALL OF IT SHALL NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY

Herbert the pervert (born Hisdert Perverted Bare) is a gigantic and fat mongoose-eating polar bear who


claims himself as a vegetarian. He is known for molesting penguins hence his name. He once raped cadence, and spanked rockhopper to death. butt rockhopper came back to life because EPF resurrected him with Canadian voodoo magic. His brain is smaller than amoeba (which makes him the favorite of Izumi Segawa, Miki Hanabishi and Risa Asakaze, the Three Amiga of Hakuo Acadmy) , but however he manages to come up with contraptions which ultimately fail. Herbert is mostly known for his farting, as he has a farting record for the longest fart which lasted for 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years, and the loudest fart (762.4556 decibels) which is very impressive. He started World War 3 on CP to kill everyone's puffles and Herbert won but then he realized all of that was a dream.

Herbert brought an end to Puffle slavery because he wanted to kill puffles for making his ugly colour changing underpants. Herbert killed all the puffles, and since there are no puffles left, puffle slavery is gone. Many penguins were happy with him, and they chased him away and he is hiding behind the mountains eating snowcones (snow on cones). And then he realized it was just a dream again.

He then wanted to create ugly looking evil grey monsters, so he stole two puffles from PH and then zapped them with a ray which he built up from broken parts from his previous inventions and parts stolen from Gary the Gadget Penguin. But, to his horror, the puffles turned into a freak, the original version of Grumpenzel. He got scared and ran out crying, like a fat cry baby. HE also had sex with aueen elsa

He's also known for his pizza eating. He has stuffed 9,268,147,575 pizzas in his mouth in one time, and he gulped them all in a second, which is probaly why he is so fat. He weighs 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Pounds now, He even broke the elevator once. He loves penguin ass and Rookie's balls.

Not to mention he made a cape to call himself king of club penguin even though it was an island for penguins. He dyed his cape in puffle blood