Hubert P. Enguin is not a polar bear. He is an Arctic White Enguin with fur and with ears. He is an unknown species of penguins around Club Penguin. He is a very awesome penguin who did many amazing and good things which benefit Club Penguin but he was still judged and has been sent to jail many times. He is the most cool and awesome penguin ever.

He did many things to benefit Club Penguin such as...

  • Stop Global Warming in November 2012
  • Ate all the bombs in Octembuary 9999
  • Saved the crystal ponies with their history
  • Did a Sonic Rainboom clearing the fart smell
  • Swallowed a knife
  • Died when he saw Fluttershy

Global Warming RevolutionEdit

In November 2012, after the Halloween Party 2012. Hubert thought why there so many storms and natural disasters around Club Penguin is because of Global Warming. Especially by the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012 which affected a lot to the island. He soon created a website named and started a campaign to stop Global Warming and save the polar bear and penguins species which was in danger of extinction. In November 15, 2012, the Global Warming Revolution started hosted by Hubert P. Enguin but the EPF thought it was a danger and the stupid EPF Team named the Mission to Operation: Blackout. In December 4, 2012, the Global Warming Revolution failed and he was sent to jail again for that recent happening. He was free of jail in March 28, 2013.

VR Room LossEdit

Hubert P. Enguin was judged that he destroyed the EPF Command Room and the VR Room during the Global Warming Revolution. That´s not true since Rookie was caught on tape in November 14, 2012, that he was testing a water gun to play a match of Water Fight with Jet Pack Guy, practicing his moves but he shot on the VR Room systems, causing a destruction in the VR Room Tube and he put the fault on Hubert P. Enguin. However, Rookie erased the video in December 5, 2013, when they started investigating on the destruction of the VR Room.


  • He shares some characteristics and DNA with with polar bears and penguins...if you know what I mean...
    • However, he is still classified as a penguin.
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