The Iceberg is an enormous chuck of the mixture of ice, super glue and white ink.

This part is not actually an iceberg, but a part of the Island, and this is where Sensei made his first home when he arrived. After Sensei made his home, he drank approx. 50 litres of what he thought was "ice water", but it turned out to be super glue. He vomitted it, and it stuck his feet to the floor. And that night, he had a dream that there was gold under the pine tree nearby, so, fully asleep, he somehow manged to get off from the floor, and he tried to throw away the tree and take the gold. However, he was unable to lift the tree, and he gave a mighty pull, but the tree was stuck so firmly, that the floor flew and landed upside down in the Clam Waters. Sensei swam back to the shore and decided to build a Dojo.

Rockhopper incident

Rockhopper saw a barrel of hot sauce which he thought was cream soda and vomited all over the iceberg.

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