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Justin Bieber is a bunch of puffles, and a dinosaur puffle dressed up as a clown, and when the puffles sing it sounds like screaming llamas. He went to jail in 2012 due to drinking sody pop. He was close to ending the world, but he didn't. He escaped the Nevada Hellhole 78 prison he was in in 2013 using his erect penis. He was put into 100 years prison in Gulag 56A on February 31, 2014 for being the mastermind of the great depression.


JB fans are called beliebers. They can kill you if you neglect that JB is horrible.  JB is super horrible and we know it. Be sure to bring a Nicki Minaj doll when you see JB


  • Once JB and Selena Gomez made out on a beach and got arrested.
  • JB is a dinosaur puffle.
  • He tried to kidnap Nagi Sanzenin on his Tokyo trip on Feb. 5, 2014 for her money but Hayate Ayasaki and Maria came just in time before JB kidnapped Nagi. Another reason he's in a gulag and he's #3 if he escapes. If he escapes and keeps up, he might beat Al-Qaeda and ISIS into #1.


Hayate Ayasaki scared JB with a gun so JB surrendered and didn't kidnap Nagi. Fair use I dont own rights to this photo.