Klutzy the crab

Klutzy the klutz

Klutzy (Pinshtoola)
Klutzy the klutz aka Pinshtoola
Some attributes
First Species: Snail
Second Owner: Herbert P. Bear
Third Likes: Puffles, but is afraid to go near them
Other attributes
Fourth Characteristics: Klutzy, etc.

Klutzy is a klutz snail which disguises as a crab. It is known for being too klutzy, even klutzier than penguins. Its owner, Herbert P Bear, tried to enslave it, but failed because Herbert was klutzy too, maybe even klutzier than Klutzy.

The Story of KlutzyEdit

Klutzy's real name was Pinshtoola, and it was formerly a snail. After crawling (it grew legs) for 27 years, Pinshtoola finally made it into a crab shell. Sooner after that, a smelly creature, Herbert, took Pinshtoola to his smelly lair. 

Herbert changed its name because he thought Pinshtoola was a good name and Klutzy was a bad one. So he changed Pinshtoola to Klutzy because he thought Klutzy was a klutz, although he is klutzier than Klutzy.

Herbert once tried to enslave Klutzy, after he quit enslaving puffles. But he failed as a result, because he was too klutzy for Klutzy. Currently, Klutzy is enslaving his own owner (Herbert), and forcing him to do stuff like washing its toes and repairing its ears (even though it doesn't have any).


  • Even though Klutzy is klutzier than klutzy penguins, its owner, Herbert P Bear, is klutzier than his klutzy pet, Klutzy.
  • Klutzy can wear an underwear faster than Herbert (it only took it 6 hours!).
  • Once Klutzy tried to eat puffles, but unfortunately it got scared of the furry turds and ran away.
  • Once Rockhopper had a long, long beard, even longer than Grumpenzel's. But one day, Klutzy ate some of his beard.
  • Klutzy once had its own play, Night Of The Living Klutzy, but because Klutzy is such a klutz it did not scare the penguins away. The play was cancelled.
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