Linn Regiostar

Linn Regiostar hiding under a tree like a dummass about to possess gary in the entrance of the university

Linn Regiostar is a christian preist ghost who thinks herbert and klutzy and sticky penguin are demons. He attacked them by possesing gary which was the 2nd time he possessed a penguin. He's also known for stealing a diamond sword from Minecraft.

Herbert Edit

He tried to exorcise herbert but failed cuz herbert is nornmal bare. But he beat herbert in perv comp and newsflash said "Gary's a perv!!!!!" and club penguin became r15 then he killed herbert with diamond sword

Klutzy Edit

He stabbed klutzy with a diamond sword stolen from minecraft and exorcised klutzys soul to hell. He fried klutzy and exported it to SM HyperMart Manila, Philippines. After that, Herbert was angry. Linn killed Herbert with a Diamond Sword.

Sticky Penguin Edit

Since SP is just that, a sticky turdy penguin, Linn just burned him. (at least the turd is gone)

Trivia Edit

  • The 1st time he possesed a penguin was Hayate no gotoku cuties episode 10. this is the 2nd time he possessed a penguin.
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