Club Penguin Humor Wiki

A magic potion is a type of beverage that is created by mixing several magical materials. The final product can affect penguins and transform them into something else.


Potions are made by mixing several igredients in a cauldron filled with green goo, which can be collected after making a polar bear sneeze by tickling it.
The possible ingredients are

  • Edible dragons' snot.
  • Puffles' eyeballs (cut the eyes first to seperate the pupils).
  • Fairies' farts.
  • Enguin barf.
  • 100 Year old cheese


Each recipe is made by a different order of ingredients. Mixing incorrect ingredients will turn you to a Pookie Puffle for 72 hours, with no option of reversing the potion's spell.


  • Transformations
    • Prepy Recipe- turns you into a prep with a preppy outfit and a preppy player card.
    • Magic Poop- a giant poop.
    • Golden Puffle- makes you a golden puffle. Golden puffles can't move, eat or breath, so have to refresh the game within 5 minutes.
    • Eye- a giant eye.
    • Peanut Butter Jelly- a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Characteristics
    • Invisible- you are invisible.
    • Fleet- can fly.
    • Herbert Tummy Size- you are now very big.
    • Comic Sans- your penguin's name will become Comic Sans in-game, in your player card, in postcards that you send, etc.. This spell is permanent and cannot be reversed.
  • Potato- you loose your flippers and legs and cannot move. Hence, couch potato.
    Mixing- you can also mix potions
    • Mega Prep - Preppy Recipe + Comic Sans. The result is an even more annoying prep.
    • Flying Giga Poop- Magic Poop + Fleet + Herbert Tummy Size. You are now a giant flying poop.
    • The Invisible Flying Golden Puffle- Invisible + Golden Puffle + Fleet.
    • Ultra Prep - Preppy Recipe + Comic Sans + Potato. A Mega Prep that even his/her friends hate.
    • Mash PeBuJe - Potato + Peanut Butter Jelly. Unknown effects. Do not try at home.
    • Flying Eyeball - Fleet + Eye. You can fly and roll in midair.