This band is actually called The wan-turd (pronounced as wanted )but just that they were jealous of One Direction and decided to steal their name.They were actually humans but they went to plastic surgery to fit in Club Penguin. They are five ugly brown puffles that sing in the pizza parlor(Tuba's Pizza) every night and try to rot penguin's ears. While they are not rotting penguin's ears, they are making fun of other bands and when they sing it sounds like Spongebob and Octonauts trying to sing like Amy Rose and 9000 Screaming Llamas. In their spare time they try to dance and pretend to love everyone. Strangely, It is Herbert's favorite band,though he only goes to their concerts if he's listening to a strange and very obscure song while pooping and wearing underpants covered in Gross Soda and Puffle turd. They are now in jail for 25 years for hijacking an Aqualantic flight from London to New York.

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