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This is quite inappropriate and ALL OF IT SHALL NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY
Rainbow Puffle.png Puffle

this is about the puffle of course it is lol


The Orange Puffle is drunken sailor who stays at the bar 23/7

History Of The Orange Puffle

Herbert the Pervert was once sad, he had no friends except for his stupid greedy krusty krab, Klutzy. Herbert the Pervert realized he can make a new friend. He stole a gay puffle from Cockhoppers Closet, and sneaked into Mr G.'s Sh!tty lab, and tried to make the puffle into a polar bear puffle using his fur and Mr. G's new invention, "The Masher 5000". When Herbert The Pervert used Mr. G's machine, instead of a polar bear puffle, intead a drunken idiot puffle was born, also called "Orange Puffle"

Stuff He Does

  • Drinks Beer
  • Drinks Wine
  • Drinks Whiskey
  • Drinks Duff
  • Plays Beer Pong
  • Plays Grand Theft Auto
  • Watches P0rn
  • Craps and sh!ts on the sidewalk
  • Licks Cockhopper's vagina