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Pengo Moustache is one of the weight lifters of the island. His birth name was Penguin Mustache(as he was born with a mustache), but however he got teased because of his mustache and his name, so he changed into "Moustache" and tells that it is his family name.


There were rumors that he is actually a hybrid of a penguin and a dog, but on a press conference, he confirmed that he wasn't a hybrid of a penguin and a dog, but he was an mixed hybrid of a penguin, dog, human mustache and a seal. After hearing this, the whole island was shocked, and first they threw tomatoes at him, and Pengo barked, and the penguins ran away.

In 2008, paparazzi captured a video of Pengo barking when he was sleeping. He barked 5 times, and then gave out a heavy fart and gave out a smell of mixed Cream Soda and Gross soda. This video soon became an internet hit, reaching 900,000,000,000 trillion billion hits, but even the population is lesser than that. A survey was conducted and it revealed that approx. the video was watched at least 300 times a day. But then he realized that was his fake twin, Pengo Moustachio. He's the twin of Pengo Moustache, then he shot his twin and went on.

Weightlifting Career

Pengo lifting a motorbike.

In 2005, Pengo first lifted a plastic motorbike (which penguins thought was real). He fooled them and claimed himself a great weightlifter. He lifted many plastic objects, ( plastic dumbbells, plastic iron balls, etc.) When a zoomed photo was released which shows the thing which Pengo was lifting was plastic, Pengo said that it was an edited image, and he also added that people were jealous because he drank 500 gallons of Gross soda without farting, which was a world record. He tried to lift superhuman Hayate Ayasaki but failed cuz he's 230% weakling.


  • "Moustache" is actually the British English spelling of mustache, but alot of penguins believed that it was his last name.
  • He is also the first penguin to have a mustache without being Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi.
  • He is rumored to be a new Mario Brother called "Pengio"
  •     But this was false due to him being a penguin.
  •     His rival is Hayate Ayasaki.