Club Penguin Humor Wiki


Here is the Plaza. Self explanatory enough? Here are some things to do:

Pet Shop - Adopt one of those furry things. Really, they're just turds. They're literally poop. Why do people even fucking like them. Surprisingly, the puffle you adopt's color changes for each type. They're really annoying to take care of, but are useful for throwing. Watch out for the annoying babies.

Puffle Hotel - A place designed for the naughty puffles. First, you clean them, excercise them, fatten them a lot, and then have them sleep so you can prepare to turn them into a nice roast.

Stage - Is really boring. You can steal the set though. The police haven't found me yet.

Pizza Parlor (Tuba's Pizza) - The pizza sucks and the music is godawful but at least you can ruin everything in the kitchen. They just let anyone in there, can you fucking believe that shit? Also the tubas took over and they made the pizza TASTE SO GOOD WITH THE SPECIAL SAUCE, MMM MMMM CREAMY and they also let you have free jobs.