This is quite inappropriate and ALL OF IT SHALL NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY
Rainbow Puffle Puffle

this is about the puffle of course it is lol


Plok Box Dimension
Available NO
Attitude Hungry
Favorite toys Cookies
Play action Eating Cookies
Dance Eating the penguin
Special features Very Obese
Tongue color Blurple
Favorite Games Cookies

Plok is an ugly Orange Puffle who lives in the Sticky Turd Dimension and he got stuck against Sticky Penguin's sticky turd

Trivia Edit

  • He loves sticky turd
  • He's VERY FAT
  • He has a bad case of bloody diarrhea
  • He is secretly a pookie
  • His sperm is called Cream Soda
  • When he eats Rat Poison he makes Gross Soda
  • For some reason Rockhopper is gay for Plok
  • When Rockhopper is thirsty he drinks his cum straight from the "tap"
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