Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Ponynguins are a result when you get banned from club penguin. They will form in your igloo.

These are the known Ponynguins.

  • Fluttershy
  • Peenkee Pee
  • Rainpoop Dash
  • Rairiturd
  • Appoopjack
  • princess Turdlight Spoopkle
  • princess Cadance
  • princess Trollestia
  • princess GamerLuna
  • waifu thief
  • Jet Pack Guy
  • Rookie's grandma
  • Herbert's mother
  • DERP
  • JelLOLz
  • Mother of all the Preps
  • hasubando thief
  • Meghan McCarthy
  • Taaaraa Satrong
  • Ashleigh Soccer Basket Volley Ping Pong Foot Ball
  • Tabitha st Germany's Bratwurst
  • Andrea LibWOMAN
  • Cathy Weseal Luck
  • Nicole Olive Oil Liver
  • Laaauhrehn Fauoost.
  • Hasbro

Hasbro is the most dangerous Ponynguin. Once,he formed the Cease and Desist era. He did not allow art or videos of Ponynguins to exist. Later,he is defeated by Hassistah,his sister. In the year 2013, he married HasGirlfriend,HasBoyfriend's sister.