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Hi. I'm gonna tell you a story about a non-penguin who kills pookies and tries to take over Wub Wenguin Wisland.

Once upon a time

So there was a poor mumu walking two pookies. The mumu suddenly left the pookies on the middle of the street and she went off. The pookies were crying so much it caused a flood. The killer was mad. So the killer insisted everypenguin to call him "Pookie Killer". He went looking for the dumb pookies. He sung happily as he got his sword out and went lookiing for the pookies. The pookies ran to the pet shop because they thought they were pets. And the killer went in the pet shop because he thought the pookies were Puffles. He went inside and saw the two pookies. They were dead.


Credits to the creator of Penguincraft.