The Prehisteria party was an event that took place in 2014. It is the alternate version of Prehistoric Party. This party is widely known due to dinosaur puffles, and The Great Depression.

Justin BieberEdit

A devillish puffle in a clown suit became a hit star in the newspaper. Many caveguins died due to his horrible singing. It also triggered dinosaurs to derp derp derp.


Not much is known about this legend. Some caveguins reported witnessing a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex dancing with puffles. It is said these witnesses soon died due to poop brain syndrome.


  • This party was the beginning of Justin Bieber and his career of death.
  • Aunt Arctic was originally going to get killed by a fat T-rex, but this was later proven false by an idiotic Stegosaurus. But afterwards, she died anyways due to the Stego's stupidity.
  • The Great Depression was the biggest event in this party. Lots of penguins soon hated the party due to it.
  • Herbivores eat steak, because they are stupid.
  • During the Party's peak and the start of the great depression, a superfat mongoose monkey turd ass dick made a machine that spread ebola across club penguin and now hes #3 on CIA most wanted list next to Al-Qaeda and ISIS if he escapes from prison.
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