Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Preps are random penguins hogging up the ice rink, the school, and colleges, Their un-evolved forms are Pookies , 50/50 They might be a prep or hoodie! The boys have short hair that are just X-TREMELY RARE, And girls just wear random ponytails-on-the-side "specail" and anything that has to do with Team Blue.They are also known to date Drakes (also known as jocks and fat poop heads). ==Secrets of the Preps

  • They like eating pookies though they don't say it to anyone, Not even their "besties"
  • They poop 3333333.894628 times an hour.
  • They bully nonmembers and fart while they do it
  • They are fat and evil
  • They are MELDS 
  • They poop dogs
  • They usually find out they are opposite gender
  • You read this all the way (ALMOST)
  • They are actually green exploding wood planks that were deformed and can't explode.
  • They know you are reading this and looking at this and laughing at this page. I also know that.
  • When they stole a diamond sword on March 5, 2015 from Minecraft, they made a secret order which is a campaign against British Aqualantic Airlines.
  • They hate British Aqualantic because of their crappy slogan
  • Their "Fancy Gold Expensive Perfume" Is made out of Uppie fart, Poop,and half of a barrel of Gross Soda.
  • They farted on all of the other teams , strangely all of the teams took revenge by calling a big flying poop named FarterVevFuxerMontagehxis3343567889.
  • Rarely , preps will fuck drakes's's's's's's's's' shitz.
  • They're rich as fuk
  • One prep called Iprepshts87484 tried to marry & have sex with Franky but failed.
  • Preps are known as annoying females that lick pussy.