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Prepsi Cola is a soft drink which was sold from 2007 until late 2009. It was very popular due to its bitter sweet flavor.
Is manufacture stopped On December 24th, 2009, after it was found that the dring is made by collecting the liquids remaining after squeezing preps to death and then mixing them with plutonium, giving its uniquo red-oxidized color.
Most penguins have demanded briging back the drink - not for drinking purposes due to the radioactive ingredie - but for "preps depopulation" purposes. However, large quanitites of plunonium remains in the production like prevented further production of Prepsi Cola. However, a secret vault in Tokyo was discovered by Hayate Ayasaki and he brought it to the violet mansion and everyone got quarantined. The UN blames this on Prepsi_Aqualantic, the dad of Aqualantic Airlines's CEO and he founder of Prpsi inc