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Puffles are small poop turds covered in pine needles that change color that penguins adopt as slaves, and shave them to make color-changing underpants. They are also used to entertain other annoying things like dogs.


Puffles were first discovered when Herbert P. Bear was found in the Plaza dancing in a bikini to Gangnam Style, and they wanted to dance with him. He then decided to sell them as dancers and slaves to penguins for good money. This then started puffle slavery in Club Penguin and then everyone decided using each other as slaves.

Things soon became worse, when they decided to make color-changing underpants due to Puffles having the magical ability to chan3ge color. But then Herbert P. Bear killed all the Puffles because he hated them. Then the penguins bred new ones and they learned slavery was wrong. But nowadays, they still shave Puffles and use their color-changing hair in factories to create color-changing underpants.


  • They like drinking sody pop when their slave owners are asleep.
  • They feel like fur and whiskers stuck onto their body, even though they are actually poop turds covered in pine cones and pine needles.
  • They love to have sex with Herbert