Pookies have superpowers. Here are their abilities.

  • Diaper Vision-makes penguins wear their dirty diapers
  • Wah Wah call-calls other Pookies by pooping,farting,and crying like a crazy donkey running around in circles while carrying an Orangutan wearing a diaper full of Sody Pop wowdislinkissolong
  • The "I want mumu" Ray -turns them into giant toilets while crying,which emits a ray that destroys every toilet,diaper,wig,and pee pots in sight. 
  • The Toilet Ray Teleports to the mumu, scaring them and then the mumus turn into A thing that goes in a toilet and they use the The "I want Mumu" Ray and flush them.
  • Hack one time they hacked AQUALANTIC Airlines database
  • 1337 speaking skills they might not know how to speak normal but they speak hacker lingo (leet/1337) and one time a pookie said, Y zero u five u c exclamation point left arrow (Y0u 5uc!</You suck)
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