Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Pnegn baboys are cookies disguised as penguins. They try to eat you when you sleep. Usually pnegn baboys taste like cake. pnegn baboys fart alot.(Not that much compared to Cows)When they get hit by a Drakes lazer they explode into mini oreos.

Secrets that pnegn baboys kept and that only pnegn baboys know.

  • One of them pretended to be Sticky Penguin while he accidently changed the time to 1990 instead of 2000
  • They like eating each other's feet and thats why they can only roll, They never got used to their fake feet
  • They want to talk normal so much their words turn into gibberish
  • Pnegn baboys have superpowers they are listed here.
  • A pookie went to the year 1500 and saw Inuuyahsa
  • They hacked into Aqualantic airlines database and ordered 19 A330-200s and 14 767-300ERs. Theey also typed insults about John_aqualantic
  • They were the ones who threw cream soda barrels at the flying Dutchman ghost ship and turned it to turdy shitty crap.
  • Their boss is JB and their 2nd in command is any prep who loves JB.
  • when they say zzz that means there getting electrocuted in there sleep
  • Pnegn baboys have a pet Uppie, and when they get abused the Uppie poops on the mumu and eats her "expensive" makeup.
  • they want to eat all the puffles and get fat so that is why they invade the pet shop

People they annoyed on their Tokyo trips

  • Sakuya Aizawa
  • Isumi Saginomiya
  • Chiharu Harukaze
  • Nagi Sanzenin
  • Maria
  • Mysterious noodle eater
  • Saki Kijima
  • barack Obama
  • adolf hitler
  • My GOt Damn Ass,
  • donald trump
  • pp man