ROOKIE is the smartest penguin in Club Penguin.He gives advice like that nothing can happen from something cursed and that you can read the Newspaper Hat if you are bored.He also invented the Time Trekker.

His worst nightmare is GARY, or so it seems.

Or is he the smartest?! Edit

No, he totally is not!

The truth is... Edit

ROOKIE was a penguin who knew nothing on his first day (Aug 13 [Friday 13 example] 2010), and became a tour guide on Apr 1 2011, only to be banned that day for being inexperienced.

He kept doing it, until he became a little more experienced.

Green Penguin 1
You're so cute!
Vital statistics
Position Partially eliminated
Age 6
Status Alive in 2010

Banned in 2011 Revived in 2011 Banned in 2012 Revived in 2012 Banned in 2013 Revived in 2013 Banned in 2014 Revived in 2014 Banned in 2015 Revived in 2015

Physical attributes
Weight 0.75x GARY
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