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An overview on Sensei's Eyebrows and its new

Sensei' Eyebrows is the name of the wig stang and some face items, that was commonly used since 2002 until 2007, and is sometimes reffered to the older versions for teh items' stand. In 2002 it was found that there are large amounts of asbestos in between the eyebrows, and it was decided to come up with a new design. The new one was officially released in 2007.


The eyebrows were first found when prehistoric penguins who were walking around the Club Penguin Island and found large lumps of dinosaur turd, that contained a hard substance. By chewing the turd all they were left with is the substance, and found out that by proccessing it into thick rods it becomes very alastic. By joining together large amounts of those rods, they created the very first synthetic hair.

It was not used frequently until 300 B.C., where a group of penguins who wanted to earn money by selling leather hats, but didn't have customers, came up with the idea of displaying their leather hats with some kind of device. They found out that by joining together those ancient synthetic fibres into a large sticky lump of rinorrhea, it can form a very stable stand.

The basic structure of the eyebrows was not changed a lot until the early first decate of the 21 century. However, the rinorrhea lump was replaced with a mud pile instead due to the complaint of some of therinorrhea donators who suffered from a hyppo-rinorrhea condition- a dangerous condition that eventually results death. It was lated replaced with a wood ball and later with a plastic case.


In this year, Sensei, who was still walking out in the wilderness, was invited to a fashion show, as all of the wig stands in the show were damaged, and the arranger of the show had heard of the magical properties of Sensei's hair. Sensei decided to help the poor fashion show arranger, and has become famous afterwards. All of the wig stands were destroyed and replaced with a statue of sensei.


In June 2002, Gary discovered that red crabs that were forced to eat some of the eyebrows died from brain cancer. A deeper research found out that the eyebrows contained huge amounts of asbestos, and it was decided to replace all eyebrows.


The 2007 design was made from a plastic sphere to simulate a head, with a nose and a neck as a stand.


When Spike Hike became the the manager of Club Penguin, he was afraid that people will laugh at his overweight body, and commanded that all wig stands will be replaced with a penguin head with a big "neck". This update is still considered as controversal. Since the update, the Sensei's Eyebrows National Museum (SENM) and the Club Penguin Dinosaur Turd Conservation Departmend (CPDTCD) were created, in order to restore the original ways for creating wigs and synthetic fibers.