Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Sheep are random, Like Hoodie Penguins! But sheep eat the hoodies of Hoodie Penguins, They eat schools to run faster, The more sheep there are the faster they get after eating the school.


They eat:

  • Pookies (50/50 They might eat one)
  • Hoodie Penguins' Hoodies (They eat them at least once a day, Unless they are Hoodie Penguins in disguise)
  • Preps (Rarely, They eat their dresses and sport shirts if they are Hoodie Penguins in disguise)
  • Uppies (Only if they are REALLY Hungry)
  • Wolves (They are more tastier than Hoodie Penguins' Hoodies, That is why they are not very popular)

Did you know...?

  • If they are fat enough (About 1000 Pounds) They can eat a whole mountain! (They love mountains, it is their most favourite food)
  • They used to be pop star singers in 1 AC, But then they were terrible when 2008 Came in, That is why they are different colours, (Even the ugly ones)
  • Schools make them loose weight, (About 10 Pounds)
  • They like to eat fairies (ALOT) But they don't anymore because their magic makes them puke for 24 Hours straight.
  • They fart sparkles!