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The Soda Seas is an ocean that doesn't really have soda. Instead it has liquid form poop. Puffles like to drink from it for some reason.


The water became conatminated since the Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship turned to turd on July 17, 2014. For more info click here. or here or here. or here here.

Artificializing cream soda

Since Soda seas is poop, cream soda is now made artificially but there are plans to build a machine to filter the poop part. But CP Cream Soda Inc. refuses the offer of CP Water because CP Cream Soda CEO and founder Mittens39 says "Poop tenderizes my products 700%!!!!! so fuck ur dick penis off!!!!! YAYAYAYAA!" well there u have it. It's still artificialized by CP Water but the government of CP is on Mittens93's side. So basically, CP Water is against President Spike Hike. PS CP Water is govt funded but not for long!!!!!!! muahahahahahaahhahaha!!!!!! YAAAEAAHHH!!!!

Other names:

Sody seas

The Ocean Of Poop

Puffle river