Sody Pop

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Sody pop is an alcoholic drink puffles like to drink when their owners are asleep.If their owners see them drinking Sody pop they hit their puffles on their head with a whip on fire and their owners will burn them while chanting "BuSwybbhbrherehchgmbhdjhgerhhyvnyjvnhbhfbrhbrnwchrcjwrdct6w6c3vcgryvwryve sexIn 2010, a study led by a professional team of walruses revealed that Sody Pop contained evaportated milk mixed with Gross soda, snow, superglue, lead, Cream Soda , salt, a Pookie's pookieness, the blood of Aqualantic Airlines Founder John_Aqualantic and garnished with fine pieces of chopped and powdered glass.

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