Club Penguin Humor Wiki

Stinky cheese is a cheese which orginates from Applesauce Island. It is poisonous and only Cockhopper is immune to that shit.

How It’s Made

It’s made in a simillar fashion of how Gross Soda is made. First, penguins rape puffles or cows to get milk, then they get rat poison and smother it around the cheese. They also kill green and yellow puffles to give it it’s signature color.


It was invented 9999999999999 years ago when Cockhopper raped a puffle. Then he made stinky cheese. 


It’s rarely used outside Applesauce Island but one time the fucked up Pizza Parlor got stinky cheese and used it for their pizza. And later that day 23 penguins died from it. Stinky cheese was never used outside Applesauce Island again.