The 2Fort Incident happened during the Great Depression when Orbit Airlines Flight 901, a 747-46N from Tokyo to Boston crashed into Teufort(formerly Two Farts)'s famous battlefield, CTF_2Fort. The only survivors were Himeko Katagiri and PenguinHuhaaha. The BLU team hired them to grab the RED's Intel Briefcase. Himeko just yelled Maho behind Heavy then Penguin backstabbed Sniper with YER (Your Eternal Reward). Penguin looked like sniper. Then, he used an Ambassador to shoot a Scout. They were both hostages of the RED team and were guarded by the Medic. The Medic didn't take it seriously. He just yelled OKTOBERFEST!!!!! and drank 50 liters of beer as if it really was Oktoberfest. He did it repeatedly until Penguin and Himeko escaped (because of Engineer). Medic found out that they escaped and then he said, OKTOBER-dummkopfs!!! Himeko stole RED Engineer's Eureka Effect and then it malfunctions so when Himeko shouted Maho, she went to Runway 10 of St. Maarten Princess Juliana Airport then survived a critical hit from a jet blast. She then yelled, MEDIC! Blu Medic said, Ja? Himeko said, Piss off big head! Medic got angry and got a Vita-Saw and said, Prepare for ur EXASSMANATION!!! Then, Medic injected Himeko-with heal but bad luck for 5 seconds Medicine. Then, a Carribean dove pooped on Himeko's head. Soldier then came with lots of pills then PenguinHuhaaha said, I WANT THOSE PILLS!!!!!! PILLS!!!!! Soldier said, NO I STOLE THEM FIRST!!! said, UR A THEIF GO F*CK URSELF!!! Then JAJAJAJAJAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MILEY CYRUS AND JASPIN LEEBAR F*CKED A PENGUIN NAND MADE A ABBABABABABAB DE AND 

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