Club Penguin Humor Wiki

The Cadence and Cadance era is a time where DJ Cadence was born along with a ponynguin called Cadance,a princess. They pooped at the same time,which caused the era.


1800 - Cadence and Cadance poop for the first time. Era starts.

1820 - Cadance crowned as princess. She takes over club poop and turns it to club ponynguin.

1830 - Cadance and Cadence fight. The Cade/ance fight begins. Fart cannons,poop guns and Pee squirters became the main weapon.

1831 - a wild Squidward appeared. The ponynguin and couch potato stopped fighting and attacked the bear with an 90000000 foot nose.

1890 - peace treaty declared. Everyone celebrates with a mug of ice Pee.

1900 - Cadence becomes a couch potato for the rest of her life. She pooped for the second time.

2014 - Cadence and Cadance made 30000 poops in 1 hour. New record!