The Great Depression was an era that happened during the Prehisteria Party. It caused a large percent of dinosaurs' brains to turn into poop. At that time, puffles singing blues music was very popular, but everybody was poor and couldn't afford a Puffle concert.

List of things that happened during the Great DepressionEdit

  • Justin Bieber become a hit, and nearly every caveguin dies in the process.
  • Justin Bieber is shown to be female, after having ugly babies with underpants in their mouth.
  • Herbivore dinosaurs' brains turn into poop.
  • Everyone loses their money.
  • Dinosaur puffles are discovered, and proves puffles have been slaves before.
  • Dinosaur puffles poop for the first time. Every penguin rejoices while eating the poop.
  • Aqualantic Airlines' NASDAQ profile says that their stocks are now a measely 44.1 Philippine pesos (US$1 and the rest of their net worth was stolen by JB) and is forced to shut down temporarily but they revive after Justin Bieber's arrest and capture.
  • Linn Regiostar in Gary's body is now sick of JB's Ebola Machine and then Linn escapes from the body. Gary dies of fake ebola.
  • JB is arrested and captured by the CIA. and is now #3 most wanted if he escapes.
  • JB almost kidnaps Nagi Sanzenin on his Tokyo trip but get beaten up by Hayate Ayasaki and the entire thing was recorded by Maria. He escapes from jail in Tokyo Prison 87 like usual, and freely and happily causes chaos until Feb. 31, 2014 when he went to Gulag 56A where he's gonna be for the next 99 years. 2014 marked the start of his first year out of 100 yrs in jail.
  • Pookies do a stupid plan of throwing 1234567890 barrels of Cream Soda to Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship and make it go to shore and turn it into turd and contamnate the Soda Seas as masterminded, planned and ORGYnized by JB. After, he rapes Selena Gomez.
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