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The Muffin Penguin is the penguin who created muffins then stuffs his horribly-mixed-but-tastes-SO-good-muffins in his mouth, Then he gets the Muffin Flu , It does not spread unless someone eats 3 of The Muffin Penguin's muffins, And when they do they get the Muffin Flu ,His real name is Sal.


March 3rd 2000

When The Muffin Penguin made his first 3 Muffins, His mom tried all three then had the Muffin Flu ,

March 12th 2003

He sold his first muffins, Then when his first customer tried them, it was a cop and he bought 3 of the Muffins from the Muffin Penguin then acted strange, Then everyone called Sal the Muffin Seller The Muffin Penguin.

March 30th 2012

Scientists found out the ingredients to The Muffin Penguin's Muffins, It was made of

  • 3Pookie toes
  • Shred them up until they look like dust and mix them up for half an hour