Cats r some unkown creaturez dat pee pookie's pants. They're known for shiting in the litter box. They poop 944895 times a day. Rarely , they may transform into a prep.

  • They secretly divaz
  • They fucked Iliekdivasandcatslol29383
  • They don't use litter boxes , they use letter boxz.
  • They shit in ur pants
  • nothing
  • a cat named  Lol335678987654 haxd pnegn baboys
  • when cats we're dogs they wiuhfenczas,./ir4fviuhrrrrrru pengn baboys and drakes baboys
  • one cat-car
  • who carez
  • 3456 cats tried to make a server for MLG players named SNow Ballz but they actually haxed other game
  • they strangely eat slime
  • they love water but they lie
  • lie
  • lie
  • lie
  • they killed Pinshtoola
  • on 5078 they got guns but cp banned cp
  • they strangely mari doges
  • a cat named Fuxinghaxzlovezfuxsshirz2934857 tried to marry PH but got quickscoped by pufflez
  • doge'sally
  • they once tried to fuck Ilocethirs
  • They cut letters today
  • they believe in doge 
  • they r mastez
  • they not have ownz
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------trdvtdtf5ythg
  • kdonePingo Elsa (talk) 12:32, January 11, 2016 (UTC)e
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