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Rainbow Puffle Puffle

this is about the puffle of course it is lol


Yellow Puffle
Available Yes
Attitude Mean
Favorite toys Permanent Marker
Play action Paints a picture of a penis
Dance Singing Justin Bieber's Baby
Special features Rudeness
Tongue color Apocyan
Favorite Games Painting Penises On The Player's Face While They Are Sleeping

The Yellow Puffle is the meanest puffle on Club Penguin Island xd. If you have this puffle throw it in the dumpster and set it on fire because it might kill you!

Known Acts of Vandalism Edit

  1. Painting a dick on the Coffee Shop
  2. Drawing a picture of poop on the Pizza Parlor's Menu
  3. Cutting open the crib in the Pet Shop, Letting all the puffles free
  4. Spraying Graffiti on every igloo in Club Penguin
  5. Stuffing a Rainbow Puffle in the Boiler
  6. Eating Cockhopper's Stinky Cheese
  7. Throwing a Treadmill through the window in the Puffle Hotel
  8. Touching Cockhopper’s dick.
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